Corvinus EMBA follows international quality standards

The Corvinus EMBA is fully compliant to the 9 EQUAL MBA Guidelines:

  1. It is a post-graduate degree and a first degree is required for admission.
  2. The EMBA is a career accelerator and requires a minimum of 5 years of work experience (Corvinus MBA Center students have an average of 6 years)
  3. Corvinus EMBA is a general management degree, all other specialized business degrees at Corvinus are managed separately and are offered as M.A. or M.Sc. degrees.
  4. It has an integrative content which covers standard areas of management (human side, finance and accounting, operations, marketing, managerial economics and strategy).
  5. The EMBA is a 120 credits part time program with two years of study.
  6. The required contact hours in the program are 800, which is twice as much as the recommended 400. A key indicator of the individual study component is the required thesis for 25 credits which alone would contain around 600 hours.
  7. The EMBA requires a significant amount of individual investment as we have demonstrated.
  8. Admission is rigorous, involves corporate nomination and also Corvinus requirements
  9. Assessment throughout the program is as rigorous and controlled as in any other masters program at Corvinus, given the fact the students are enrolled in all the university systems and their degree requires compliance with the Study and Exam Regulations of Corvinus University.  

As a matter of fact, the Corvinus EMBA is academically more rigorous then the international standards would suggest. There are two main reasons for that:

  • In compliance with the new bologna structure, participants of the EMBA program who do not have a university degree (or MSc or MA) may extend their program by taking extra courses.  This allows the individual to obtain an "academic" master which enables them to complete a Ph.D. degree at some point in their life.
  • Although the EMBA is a practically driven management program, the Corvinus brand attached to it differentiates our graduates from others in the market.  It indicates that they completed a more rigorous program. Where ever Corvinus students go in exchange programs and internships (in master programs for instance) they are well known for their analytical and modelling skills. We intend to nurture the heritage of this image, naturally applied and transformed to the EMBA context.