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MBA in Hungary

MBA degree is probably the most widely known postgraduate diploma in the world. It is not only a passport for your career development but also an opportunity for you to prepare to answer and raise global management questions on a higher level. Our university pioneered the introduction the MBA methodology to Hungary, and still is one of the few institutes with case study and class discussion-focused classing English MBA programs in Hungary.

Both of the two types of Corvinus MBA programs offer an integrated curriculum that reflects the latest business challenges, a superior teaching methodology that uses 21st century e-learning technologies, as well as a diverse and international group of high quality students who join the strong Corvinus MBA Center (former CSM) Alumni Network after graduation.

Corvinus University of Budapest

Located on the bank of the Danube in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Corvinus University of Budapest, traditional number one in Hungary in the field of economics, has long been a benchmark for academic excellence. The Corvinus MBA Center (former Corvinus School of Management) builds upon this tradition and offers MBA programs that combine solid global business knowledge with Central-Eastern European flavor and expertise.

It is not only the beautiful listed heritage building in the main downtown area of Budapest near the famous Váci Street and the Market Hall that provides an exlusive atmosphere for studying at Corvinus, but the lively mix of students from different countries, ages, or professions as well.


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Corvinus is among the world's best business schools - Financial Times' Top Business Schools

Financial Times has compiled its annual ranking of European business schools. In 2015, the Faculty of Business Administration, i.e. the Corvinus Business School retained its 79th position on this prominent top list of great renown.

Corvinus announcement


Flow-state survey

As you may be aware, emotionally intelligent leadership, empowerment, and a working environment supporting Flow-state of employees have always been our driving values at Corvinus University.

Now, together with Flow Consulting Group, the market leader in OD consulting in Hungary, we have initiated a research on the relation between flow and emotional style, a relatively new concept based on neuroscience research. We have developed a questionnaire measuring emotional style dimensions like resilience, sensitivity to context or social intuition and the strength and frequency of Flow experience of people at work.

You can also participate in the research by clicking on the following link. We have currently a pool of 500 Hungarian responses, and we would like to make a comparison between their results and the answers given by an international sample, consisting of people from around the Globe, but working in Hungary. So if you have some colleagues or friends from abroad and working in Hungary at least for 3 months already, please also forward this link to them. Filling out the questionnaire takes 10 minutes and it is anonimous.


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