The Founding Board

In 2005, the Business School (former Faculty of Business Administration) of Corvinus University of Budapest established a new excellence center called Corvinus School of Management (now Corvinus MBA Center), based on the one and a half decade MBA teaching experience of its Management Development Center (also called Budapest School of Management).

The goals and the programs of this excellence center were set by the Founding Board including the Dean of the Faculty. The Board represented distinguished professors famous for their academic, business, and government achievements. During the first decade of Corvinus MBA Center (former Corvinus School of Management), the Board met regularly to discuss the results and the targets of the MBA education at Corvinus.

The Board played a decisive role in the development of Corvinus MBA Center and in the fact that now, in 2014, Corvinus enjoys an unchallengeable excellent reputation in the MBA education of the region.

Chairman of the Board, Professor Wetzker

CSM Board Member, Professor Bod

CSM Board Member, Professor Dobák

CSM Board Member, Professor Kerekes

Prof. Konrad Wetzker
Chairman of CSM
from 2005 to 2014

Prof. Péter Ákos Bod
Director of Institute
of Economics

Prof. Miklós Dobák
Director of Institue
of Management

Prof. Sándor Kerekes
Former Dean and