Teaching Methodology

We understand that full-time MBA students with on average 3-5 years of work experience and various Bachelor's degree background might be experts in one area of managements while knowing less on other aspects of business administration. With a special mix of teaching methodologies we will achieve that at the end of the full-time MBA program all of our graduates will be familar with every subject.

Time Segmentation

The Full-Time MBA program is very time intensive. To learn all of the required subjects, students will spend a significant amount of time in the classroom as well as working on home assignments. On average a student will take 30 credits per semester or 6 - 8 classes, will have 18 - 21 hours of class per week, and 10 - 15 hours of home assignments per week. Students will spend half of their time learning the concepts and methods of better business management and half of their time applying the learned knowledge on group work, case studies, live cases, written reports, exams, and presentation. The students will learn a combination of the following skills:

  • Better management techniques
  • Identify business opportunities and threats
  • Define company’s strengths or weaknesses
  • Structure and describe problems and targets clearly
  • Find creative solutions to meet predefined targets
  • Communicate ideas convincingly and professionally
  • Improve leadership ability to help to execute solutions efficiently

To add to the experience students will also have the opportunity to spend time to go on company visits, attend guest lectures, and receive firsthand mentoring from the experienced professors.

Diverse Group Project Work

At Corvinus we believe that working in small groups can teach individuals about their personality and leadership abilities so that they can uses their findings to better assess the skills they must improve upon. We know that it is becoming increasingly important for individuals to be able to contribute positively to a diverse group in this expanding global business community. That is why there are weekly group exercises and semester long projects in almost every class that are designed specifically to force individuals to work together to achieve a common goal. By graduation, students will have the skills necessary to successfully lead a diverse group of individuals to obtain a set target of any time horizon.

Guest Lecturers and Case Studies

In addition to learning the material from the well respected professors, students will have the privilege of a few classes a month where an experienced professional joins the classroom to teach how the learned material applies to live situations or scenarios. These sessions are usually very interactive as students are encouraged to ask pointed questions and probe the professionals for better business management concepts and how they are applied in practice.

We believe that the best way for students to remember the learned skills and topics is to apply them through home assignments and case studies. The focus is not to give the students memorization tasks but rather to give them practice with applying the concepts. We use current and past case studies on various companies and industries across the globe to practice the process of first understanding the industry, then defining the problems and coming up with a creative solution to result in meeting the companies targets.

Presentations and Communication

It is becoming more and more important for business executives to be able to effectively present their findings and make and then to make recommendations for the future. Whether you are presenting to your friends about a particular business idea or venture, or are presenting the quarterly earnings reports to the board of directors of your company it is vital that MBA graduates are able to plan their delivery and Communicate it clearly and concisely.  In the Full-Time MBA program you will be taught the proper presentation and free speech techniques that are in line with the current industry standard. You will then have the opportunity to practice the taught methods over and over again as students will give 5-10 presentations per semester ranging from 10 - 40 minutes.

Individual Mentoring

Lastly and probably most importantly, throughout the two year program, due to the small and intimate class numbers students will have the opportunity to receive daily mentoring from the professors. During lectures students are encouraged to ask questions and direct the lecturer to give advice on individual's personal experiences. In addition, throughout the last semester of the MBA program, students are required to write a thesis on a cutting-edge area of interest. During the research and and writhing process students may choose work with an expert professor in their field of interest.