Missziónk az Ön sikerének kulcsa

A Corvinus MBA Center elkötelezett híve az üzleti szféra vezetői számára nyújtott magas színvonalú oktatás biztosításának. A siker azt jelenti, hogy programjaink elvégzésével hallgatóink olyan vezetői tudással és képességekkel rendelkeznek, amelyek ahhoz szükségesek, hogy a mai viharos üzleti életben sikeresen helytálljanak.
Hallgatóink megtanulják hogyan kell alkalmazni a megszerzett elméleti tudást és készségeket az üzleti kihívások során, biztosítva azt, hogy nem csak értik az üzleti teóriákat, hanem azt is tudják hogyan foganatosíthatják hatékonyan vezetői képességeiket a való világban.

Ismerkedjen meg iskolánkkal

Are you looking for excellence? We are.

The Corvinus School of Management is one of the leading excellence centers in the Central and Eastern European region that offer premium quality management education. In 2005, the Faculty of Business Administration of Corvinus University of Budapest established a new brand called Corvinus School of Management, based on the one and a half decade MBA teaching experience of its Management Development Center (also called Budapest School of Management). The Faculty with its nearly 5000 students and about 230 academic faculty, together with the dynamic team of Corvinus School of Management plays a decisive role in the education of the recent and the future business leaders of the region.


Mastering tools - excelling through skills

Each program offered provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the managerial challenges of a dynamically changing and diverse global environment. The integrated curriculum of our programs represent a balanced blend of theoretical concepts and practical applications. Those who are committed to excellence as much as we are will have a unique opportunity to acquire:

  • a thorough understanding of - and the ability to adapt to - today's dynamic global business environment
  • the ability to communicate with and lead groups and individuals effectively
  • the ability to apply the kind of multi-disciplinary approach that complex organizational issues demand


An excellence center for management education

CSM takes much pride in the quality of its faculty. In addition to its long list of distinguished professors, the CSM works with experienced professionals from the business community to teach elective courses as well as to give guest lectures.  To help the students with everything from the application process to signing up for classes to graduation, the dynamic and supportive administrative staff is with you from start to finish. Finally, the CSM facilities are state of the art in design and function as every teaching room is equipped with top-rate teaching materials and semi-circle stadium seating.

Organizationally, the CSM is part of the Faculty and reports to the Dean. Operational decisions are made by CSM’s Executive Chairwoman. The Advisory Board (Curatorium) of CSM, consisting of CEOs and Chairmen of leading Hungarian and multinational corporations, meets annually to ensure that CSM’s curriculum is kept relevant and up-to-date. It also provides unrivalled access to the business world and, in many instances, serves as a test bed for projects and conceptual thinking about leadership issues in CEE.