For Working Executives

With our educational offerings we not only focusing on developing future managers but also to enhance the skills and knowledge of executives who are already in their desired positions. In whatever industry, region or sector an individual operates, certain issues and challenges arise which require managers to reassess and refresh their conceptual thinking. Some of these evolving challenges include but are not limited to:

  • Effectively maneuvering in the financial crises
  • Retaining and developing talents
  • Enhancing the adoption of new technologies
  • Efficiently developing markets and products
  • Creating an intimate relationship with clients

Successful business and management programs cannot be designed and maintained without strong and lively connections with the business community. Corvinus and its legal predecessor (Budapest University of Economic Sciences) has always put a lot of emphasis on its alumni and its commitment to providing the highest quality life long learning programs. This commitment to excellence is reflected by many of our alumni who, since the regime change in 1990, have taken up key leadership positions in Hungary: 10 Ministers of Finance, 7 Ministers of Economy, 4 Governors of the Hungarian National Bank, the presidents of the State Audit Office, several CEOs and Chairmen of major Hungarian companies.

If you are a business owner of business manager we encourage you to work directly with the Corvinus MBA Center to choose from one of our Corporate programs which fits your companies educational needs. We are also willing to help design a personalized Corporate program to be exactly in line with your business educational needs. Contact Us today to find out more about Corvinus MBA Center's Corporate programs.