Corvinus Career Development Office

Corvinus University of Budapest has an excellence center for career development, the Career Development Office (CDO). For more information in Hungarian click here...

The CDO was the first career management unit in Central and Eastern Europe. It was established in Fall 1996 with the support of a USAID Grant (the know-how had come from Indiana University Kelly School of Business) and it was also sponsored by two Corporate Partners: General Electric (Tungsram) and Procter & Gamble Hungary. The CDO is unique in Hungary as it is an integral part of the university and it is not only the first academic career unit in the Hungarian Higher Education, but also the most developed one. Today it is the dominant actor in the field of fresh and young graduates’ labor market. The CDO is responsible for students’ career planning and through its contacts with the business and institutional sector (biggest employers in Hungary, both governmental and NGOs, more than 3000 companies) it provides job and internship possibilities. The CDO has an extensive staff: 4 full time HR professionals and 4 student helpers work together with external experts (psychologists, trainers, lawyers, etc.)

The mission of CDO:

  • to „build a bridge” among the highly qualified students and the business sphere,
  • to help graduates to find the most suitable positioning accordance with expertise and field of interest,
  • our services are available for students of other universities and colleges

The vision of CDO:

  • To become number one recruitment and selection partner in the field of fresh and young graduates.
  • Main activities:
  • Employers’ Recruitment and selection – job posting
  • Career counseling
  • Event management (Job fairs, company presentations)
  • Alumni (graduates’ professional tracking)
  • International placements and internships

The idea of graduates’ professional tracking is relatively new in Hungary. The new Higher Education Act obligates Higher Educational Institutes to monitor their graduates and review regularly the graduate career paths. From the 2006/2007 academic year the Career Development Office (CDO) is responsible for developing the system and routinely monitoring the Alumni of the Corvinus University of Budapest. The CDO has already built up the database and tested the questionnaires among students who graduated in 2004. Although there is an Alumni Association at the Corvinus, it is the CDO that is in charge of Alumni Management from the 2006/2007 academic year as this challenge requires the harmonizing of the former networks, coordinating the different Faculties’ and Departments’ Alumni and elaborating a well developed Alumni Management System.

Corvinus University has a large alumni base and amongst them the best organized and most active one is the CEMS Alumni in spite of its relatively short history. The key objective is to create and maintain a business lobby which has a high reputation in the Hungarian business community. The Alumni are led by a group of activists who organize speaker sessions, special meetings and two retreat programs together with the Student Club.