Quin (China)

"My time spent in this MBA program will definitely become a competitive advantage both in strategic and financial terms. What I really learnt during my MBA studies is time management and prioritizing."

-- Quin Yi attaché, Chinese Embassy, eMBA graduate 2008


Financial Aid

Scholarships and Financial Aid

As a state-owned university, Corvinus MBA Center is able to offer high quality MBA programs at reasonable fees. On the other hand, compared to private business schools, there are less scholarship options at Corvinus.

Third-party scholarship may be available as well:

Student Loans

Student Loans are available with various private companies. They are much more easily granted to Hungarian citizens, but there are various options for foreigners studying abroad in Hungary. Please find the attached links to private companies offering student loans depending on the origin of the student.

Student funding provided by private lending institutions requires a separate loan application. With most lenders you can sign-up and apply online on the lender’s websites.

The loans have variable interest rates based on varying factors. Student loans are usually based on the total cost of Tuition & Student Budget which is predetermined by the University; however some lending institutions have borrowing limits that could affect the qualified borrowing amount.

For Hungarian Students


Diak Hitel Student Loans

Student Loan Scheme is a small organization with many clients. They have around 100 employees and more than 250,000 clients. If you have questions you are welcome to contact Student Loan Centre by ordinary mail or e-mail.

Address: Diákhitel Központ Zrt. 1245 Budapest, Pf. 1003 E-mail: info@diakhitel.hu