It is suggested that students rent a flat or share a rented flat; this is what most international students do. The International Office at our university operates a marketplace for renting a flat:

Please note, that the Corvinus MBA Center does not have an agreement with any housing agencies, so we cannot guarantee their prices, rental conditions, quality of cooperation etc.

It is recommended that students look for a place to stay for the first couple of days (temporary accommodation eg. in a hostel) and see the rentable apartments for themselves.

It is very important to read the rental agreement carefully before paying or signing anything!

Estimated Cost of Living

  • Students need about EUR 450 – 750 per month to cover all expenses.
  • Accommodation: about EUR 250 – 400 per month per person, depending on the size and location of the flat as well as on the number of students sharing it.
  • Living costs (food, transport, miscellaneous): about EUR 200 – 400 per month.
  • Academic related expenses (student ID, additional books, photocopying, etc.): about EUR 50 – 100 per semester.

The above costs are only estimated costs based on the average student, thus depending on an individual's lifestyle, the costs could differ greatly from these estimates.