Message from the Rector

Choosing the right business school is one of the most important decisions in your professional career. Corvinus MBA Center offers the best opportunity in the region to truly improve your knowledge and skills.

Behind Corvinus MBA Center, there are the proven capabilities of Corvinus University of Budapest, one of the top higher education institutions in Hungary and the number one amongst universities involved in economic education. Our professional competence is revealed by our history, educational traditions and alumni. Everything we do is built on a vast amount of highly valuable professional, economic and social knowledge. The university has a leading role in the economic education of the 21st century, both in Hungary and internationally.

Capitalising on the experience of Corvinus University, Corvinus MBA Center has become one of the leading institutions for postgraduate education in the region.

We are looking forward to working with you!

Prof. Zsolt Rostoványi
Rector of Corvinus University of Budapest

Corvinus University of Budapest

Corvinus University of Budapest is one of the most significant institutions in Hungarian higher education due to its traditions and the results it has achieved in education and research. It is a state owned university accredited in Hungary. Corvinus leads several domestic rankings in Hungary especially in the field of business and management education and research.

Although the Corvinus University of Budapest was so named only since 2004, its predecessor institution, the University of Economic Sciences of Budapest ("Közgáz") has longstanding traditions and history. This was the leading institution of the economic and social sciences education in Hungary.

Corvinus University of Budapest considers knowledge as the primary value. It was also expressed in the choice of name - referring to the humanism and the Renaissance, the prominent role of science and the arts - as well as the university's motto: Scientia Mea - adiutor meus, My knowledge is my helper. Our university aims to give the utmost help to our candidate students on the long road of acquiring knowledge, in the lifelong process of learning, not only by providing theoretical and practical professional knowledge and skills provision, but also by encouraging them to think and to form independent opinions.