Research Advantage

In addition to the Curatorium, the guest speakers from the business community, and the experience of the distinguished and published professors, the research advantage allows for the voice of the corporate world to be strongly integrated into the programs.

In alignment with the institutional strategy of the Corvinus Business School (former Faculty of Business Administration) and the whole University, the curriculum draws on the research results of the faculty. 

For a successful MBA program, company based research and consultation activities are also a must. In Hungary, the corporate innovation tax enables companies to sponsor corporate specific research, which in return is occasionally used in MBA and executive education.  In 2008, Corvinus MBA Center signed a €30,000 + contract with OTP (the leading financial group in Hungary, one of the dominant players in the banking market of Central and Eastern Europe, and one of the most profitable credit institutions in all Europe). Presently, several other projects are under consideration.  Faculty members teaching for Corvinus MBA Center received in excess of €300,000 in research support from major corporations including, T-Mobile, Sun Microsystems, HP, Microsoft, Inter Europa Bank, EDS Hungary, OTP, and others.