Research & Publications

In the 21st century it is no question that break-through ideas result in the highest performance. Break-through ideas are born with the leveraging of scientific research against company R&D. We believe that a cutting-edge MBA program needs to be build upon the latest achievements in the fields of management and economics, and the most innovative best practices delivered by leading companies. Therefore, Corvinus MBA Center:

  • Incorporates the latest results of academic and survey result which are based on the highly renowed researchers at Corvinus University of Budapest.
  • Employs course instructors who are both top professors in their field of expertise and practicing consultants at the most successful Hungarian companies.
  • Launched case study series that capture the most relevant issues of business and management in European companies.
  • Publishes a peer-reviewed journal called Budapest Management Review, a place for dissemination of research findings, including but not limited to the most important results of management research in Hungary.