Thomas (USA)

"At Corvinus, the extremely diverse student body combined with the knowledgeable and internationally respected professors creates a truly global atmosphere and unique Class experience."

-- Thomas (USA), full-time MBA class of 2011

Global Elements

As the business world continues to turn increasingly global it is becoming more important for business executives to have a globally diverse educational background. The full-time MBA program has three significant global elements that add to the Corvinus MBA experience:

  • Diversity of students and teachers
  • Study abroad option
  • International programs

Diversity of Students and Teachers

The current full-time MBA program has students from 3 different continents and 7 different countries and the student groups continue to grow with diversity. The teachers and guest lecturers are arguably more diverse than the students groups. Most of the teachers have worked for various companies traveling and doing business across the globe. In addition to their international work experience,a handful of the Corvinus MBA Center professors have also taught business courses abroad. Learning from internationally experienced professors and working with a diverse student group is an invaluable experience for expanding student's horizons to better match the global trend.

Study Abroad Option

The best students in the Full-Time MBA program have the option to study abroad for one week. It is not a requirement, but the students are encouraged to join the Executive MBA students during one of their Study Abroad trips.  During these trips students will have the opportunity to attend class at a partner university where the courses are designed specifically for the visiting Corvinus MBA students. In addition to learning from different professors, socializing with friends from the Corvinus MBA, the Corvinus MBA Center students will have the chance to expand their international network by connecting with the MBA students of the partner schools. In the past, students have taken trips to Greece, the US, and Belgium just to name a few.

International Programs

International programs are programs where MBA students from partner universities visit the Corvinus MBA Center for one week. During this week our students are encouraged to join the partner school's students as they attend daily seminars on various cutting-edge research in the field of Business Administration. Students have the opportunity to meet, learn, and socialize with the members of these International programs. These interactions with traveling executives and students are a great networking occasion that could lead to future job or business opportunities.