Roncarlo (USA)

"The value of the Corvinus MBA is in the experiences and networks I've been afforded."

-- Roncarlo (USA), eMBA class of 2010

Program Costs

As with every higher education endeavor, it is important to do your research into the degree’s value and worth. Due to Corvinus MBA’s low price, superior education and post graduate results, the degree has a strong return on investment. Compared to the cost of the majority of MBA programs across Europe and the USA, at Corvinus you will spend less, obtain a great education, and therefore receive the best overall value. Thus, allowing every graduate the luxury of an MBA degree without the headaches or burden of paying back unreasonably large student loans.

When compared to other Full-Time and Executive MBA programs the Corvinus MBA programs are amongst the top in Europe and the USA for value. This is because of the University’s unique low cost geographical location and government subsidized education system. For tuition, Corvinus is on average 75% less, but if you include the total cost of living (lodging, food, travel, etc.) Corvinus is 90% less than other top MBA programs.

When considering your return on investment Corvinus is one of the best. Although the price is a minimum, our focus is always on maximizing the student’s education and self worth.


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